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Online courses from the comfort of your home or any quiet place, where you can focus on your journey to Jesus without distractions or inhibitions and interact socially when you want to, where you want to.

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It takes a village to raise a child. We have built a community of like minded individuals to provide support and encouragement to help you reach your goals. You are not alone in this journey of eternal happiness.

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This is a community of inspired thinkers; people who not only want to change themselves but the world around them. Ask questions, find answers, change your world!




About Us

We want you to discover and experience the hidden treasure of peace and happiness. We all know happiness can be bought, but what would happen if you had so much happiness that you just wanted to share it. What if you discovered and experienced eternal happiness in abundance that you did not know what to do with it?

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Why Choose Us

  • Christian Focused
  • Non-denominational
  • Bible inspired teaching
  • Easy online access
  • Learn how to be happy inside out
  • Bible based Enlightenment teachings


Articles from the library

essential oils of the bible

Essential oils the hidden Bible connection

Essential oils are making a come back today, long forgotten in ancient time to treat almost everything. You can find references to essential oils in 36 books in the Old Testament and 10 in the New Testament. Here are few verses in the bible that mention essential oils: “You prepare a table before me in […]


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Online Learning

Around the Globe, 7 Days a week, 24-hour access to online courses and lessons. 

Get connected to like minded students from around the globe and share the enlightenment experience from every continent.

This is where east meets west and north and south get along, all roads lead online.

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online enlightenment learning

Community Support

No man or woman is an island, why live on an island when there are like minded individuals. 

Everyone here has the same goals and aspirations. Differences aside this community is united in its goal to attain true happiness and enlightenment.

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enlightenment community

Track Progress

Track and monitor your progress from your dashboard along with the courses you have subscribed to.

See what you have completed, areas you need to work on and much more.

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track your progress to enlightenment


Yes it’s not all reading, videos lesson are fun.

The happiness continues with video based lessons that help explain concepts in a more visual form. It can be viewed on any device that has an internet connection.

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Enlightenment Videos

Share Enlightenment

Share Happiness Share Enlightenment

Share Enlightenment Project

For years hard working citizens have worked relentlessly at building community values and providing the best for their families. But despite becoming a wealthier society, we are no happier than we were decades ago.

We’ve seen a worrying rise of depression and anxiety across the world, an increase in social, religious and spiritual conflict. It’s time for a positive social change where enlightenment will be back in our list of priorities similar to eating organic foods and living a healthier lifestyle.

Be part of The Share Enlightenment Project! Spread enlightenment in your local community and help create a happier society for everyone and especially for the people you love.